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As the platform of the rectorates, Universities Austria coordinates their exchange of views on relevant questions of research, art, teaching and governance and advocates the autonomous development of the universities and assuring the quality of their performance.

Universities Austria issues statements, opinions and publications in its mission as the voice of public univerisities in Austria. Since our working language is German, please visit our German site for more information.

Universities for Enlightenment

In December 2018, representatives of the Rectors’ Conferences of Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland, met in Vienna in order to discuss what role universities should play in today’s societies. 

They expressed their strong belief in the fundamental values of higher education: academic freedom and integrity of research and teaching, institutional autonomy, the meaningful participation of students and faculty in higher education governance, and public responsibility for higher education are key elements for its functioning and development. At the same time, they expressed their concern at movements on the rise in Europe and beyond that threaten the democratic character of our institutions and societies. 

Please find the full text below.