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For specific questions about the range of courses offered by the universities, please contact the university of your choice directly

Here is an overview of what the universities have to offer for applicants with a refugee background


University of Vienna

Information on admission to the University of Vienna for asylum seekers, Convention refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection can be found here. In addition, the University of Vienna offers a "VWU scholarship for asylum seekers and persons granted asylum". The scholarship is intended to support students at the University of Vienna (replacement of the course fee of the pre-study course of the Vienna Universities (VWU).

TU Wien

Founded in 2015, Welcome.TU.code offers young asylum seekers an opportunity to further their education and find prospects for their future lives.


University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna

At the Boku, MORE students are enrolled as extraordinary students and can attend individual courses, which they can decide on themselves according to their interests or in preparation for a regular degree programme. Examinations that have been passed positively are then recognised for a regular degree programme if the applicants apply for it.


University of Linz

The MORE initiative at JKU Linz consists of two pillars:

MOREclassic: Support for people who want to study at JKU and for students in extraordinary studies.

Borealis-MORE-Scholarship: for students in ordinary studies - is bound to a Learning Agreement


University of Salzburg

The University of Salzburg offers recognised persons entitled to asylum and asylum seekers access to university education. You can find all details under More4Refugees.


University of Klagenfurt

At the University of Klagenfurt MORE-students are admitted to an extraordinary study programme and are exempt from tuition fees and the ÖH-fee. In principle, MORE students can attend courses of all faculties (however, if registration requirements are met, they must be fulfilled). MORE students can also take part in semester German courses at a greatly reduced price and have full access to the university library and computer rooms. The relevant ÖH department organises cultural and leisure activities for MORE students.