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Get in Touch

Please get in touch if you would like to

  • Get more information on MORE and its offer
  • Want to become a buddy and help MORE students at their daily life at university or
  • Support MORE financially!

Call or send an email to  Stephanie Zwiessler (Tel.: +43(0)1-3105656-31, )

Support Students and (co)finance courses

There are different ways of supporting the MORE initiative financially. You can help MORE students directly with their expenses (tickets, books) or you can (co)finance courses for an entire class: 

  • MORE Semester Package (€50) will benefit an individual MORE student and will be used for teaching materials and tickets to travel to the university. 
  • The MORE Course Package (€2.500) will help create 1 university course about language/arts/sports for an entire semester (2 hours per week). Your course can also have your name e.g. „Sponsor&More-German Course". 

Account for Donations

  • Bank: Raiffeisen Bank International AG
  • Account holder: Österr. Universitätenkonferenz
  • IBAN: AT19 3100 0002 0428 0145

Supporting Organisations

The initiative MORE is supported by the following organisations: 

  • Caritas / housing and local support
  • Diakonie / housing and local support
  • Federation of Austrian Industries / sponsor
  • Austrian German Language Diploma / language exams
  • University Preparation Programme of the Vienna Universities / courses, buddy system
  • Österreichische Orient-Gesellschaft / courses, buddy system
  • Austrian National Student Union / buddy-system

Organisations that accommodate refugees act as information brokers, establish contact to MORE students and facilitate setting up the buddy system. Sponsors donate funds for travel costs, teaching material and extracurricular activities during the mentoring project. Students and volunteers help MORE students in the day to day life at university.