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Scientists and artists who had to flee their country often have difficulties when it comes to using their education and competences in Austria. MORE perspectives is a platform where refugees can share their knowledge and experiences with an interested public. If possible academic and artistic courses will be designed collaboratively with the refugees and give them an opportunity to impart their skills and knowledge in a university setting. This process can open up new perspectives for everybody involved.

Target Audience

If you

  • have come to Austria as a refugee and have one of the following residence permits
  • have completed your graduate studies and have worked as a scientist/artist
  • are looking to get in touch with peers at a university
  • are willing to share your knowledge by conducting a workshop, seminar or giving a speech

...please sign up for MORE perspectives!


MORE-Perspectives @ Vienna University of Economics and Business is a lecture series featuring refugees with an academic or artistic background sharing their knowledge and experience with Austrian universities. It aims to open up new perspectives for everyone involved and to provide networking opportunities. Further information can be found here:


Please sign up for MORE perspectives by filling in the form below. We will check your application and give you feedback and information whether we can put you in contact with a researcher/artist at an Austrian university. 


  • Lectures, workshops and so on are NOT REMUNERATED/No speaker FEES


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