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An initiative
by uniko

An offer of the Austrian Universities for Refugees.


Irrespective of basic needs such as shelter, food and medical care, refugees require spaces to develop opportunities for the future. This is especially true for the youth who have lost access to schooling and (higher) education by fleeing their country – without support they might grow up to be part of a lost generation. We believe in the refugee’s knowledge, skills and talents and the contributions that they can make if successfully integrated in the receiving societies. 

MORE-Courses aim at providing a space for reflection to refugees where one can find out whether university studies are an option for the future. It offers orientation in academic and artistic study fields and language trainings. MORE courses are held at every university town in Austria. 

MORE-Perspectives is an offer for academics and scientists who had to flee their country. It is a platform where refugees can share their knowledge and experiences with the interested public.

MORE-Activities are open formats that go beyond the academic sphere and help refugee students feel at home. 

MORE Evaluation

With the MORE initiative, uniko has created access opportunities for asylum-seekers and refugees to 21 Austrian public universities. After five semesters, the initiative has now been evaluated as to the achievement of its main objectives (orientation and social integration at universities, transfer to degree programs).

Please find an abstract of the evaluation in English below: 

MORE started out in fall 2015, now all public universities have joined. The 21 universities in Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Leoben, Linz Salzburg and Vienna offer a certain amount of courses to MORE students, some of which are especially tailored for the refugees offers, some are part of a degree program.

In the first 3 semesters, 2.600 students have taken part in the MORE program, in the past winter term 2016/17 a total of 855 people were signed up as MORE students. 

Please follow the link to get to the universities' subsites with more specific information on the MORE initiative:


You can learn how to support MORE Students and also how to finance entire MORE Courses if you follow this link. We could support 127 MORE students with semester packages of €50 each for tickets and books (€6.350) during winter term 2015/16.